“For nearly 100 years Yvaine fought for independence from the Empire of Ascaeria. Finally, through the determination of its people and the bravery of it’s knightly orders was victory finally achieved. With the terms of surrender negotiated, and led by a determined young king, the kingdom can begin to rebuild from the devastation. However, even in victory discontent hovers just under the surface. The peasant levies, and even much of the knighthood, were promised payment and lands for their service, only to be spurned by the nobility who can ill afford to pay their debts. Many have fallen to theft and banditry to even survive, disease runs rampant in the slums of the cities, and crops are faltering in the fields.

But this is all a world away to you. The year is 1638 AF, and as the younger children of the landed nobility you have all been fostered at the Knight Academy of Clermont-Ferrand, where young men and women learn the arts of strategy and warfare. After 6 years of grueling physical and mental training graduation is finally upon you, and your first steps into knighthood will begin…"

The Last Knights of Yvaine

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